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The United States Supreme Court’s Watershed Ruling in Endrew F.v. Douglas County School District and The Effect on Your Client’s Special Education Programming


Fourth lawsuit filed against Tuscaloosa attorney The Tuscaloosa News | May 1, 2012

A fourth person has filed a lawsuit against Tuscaloosa attorney Byron House. Timothy Collins claims in the suit filed Monday that House lied about cases he was supposedly handling for Collins. Collins hired House to file a counterclaim against Friday Lumber Co., alleging the company had sold him defective drywall. The company claimed Collins owed money for the materials. Read article >>


Group calls MPS inadequate for some special-education students  Montgomery Advertiser | Jun. 26, 2011

A national legal advocacy nonprofit has accused Montgomery Public Schools of lacking the basic infrastructureto provide adequate service to some special education students, but the school system contends it works diligently to address the needs of all children... Read article >>


Alabama lawmakers approve overhaul of indigent defense  Mobile Press-Register | June 10, 2011

State lawmakers today voted to create a statewide indigent defense office to oversee how Alabama pays lawyers to represent the poor in criminal courts. Gov. Robert Bentley’s administration has pushed for restructuring the indigent defense system in an effort to cut costs and balance the state budget...Read article >>


Forgotten teeth: The elderly and the disabled  Mobile Press-Register | Dec. 24, 2000

Searcy Hospital, the state-run mental facility in north Mobile County, has a dentist and two hygienists on staff. They provide regular checkups, cleanings, extractions and other work, said Melanie Beasley, spokeswoman for the state Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation... Read article >>


John DeBlase, father of 2 missing kids, appears in Mobile courtroom Mobile Press-Register | Dec. 08, 2010

John DeBlase,who authorities say admitted to dumping the lifeless bodies of his 2 young children along the northern Gulf Coast, briefly appeared in a Mobile courtroom this morning for an arraignment hearing. Mobile police believe Jonathan Chase DeBlase, 3, and Natalie Alexis DeBlase, 5, were killed earlier this year and their bodies left separately, one near Citronelle -- in Mobile County, Alabama -- and another in Vancleave, Miss....Read article >>


Lawyer for DeBlase kids' stepmother says he's seen no evidence of abuse and torture Mobile Press-Register | Dec. 15, 2010

Heather Leavell-Keaton beat her 4-year-old stepdaughter with a belt and hairbrush, caused burns to her body and forced her to sit in a chair all day, according to documents filed in court in Mobile this week...Read article >>


Teen charged with murder of Mobile police officer denied youthful offender status Mobile Press-Register | April 23, 2010

Richard "Joey" Hollingsworth, charged with capital murder in the shooting death of a Mobile police officer, was denied youthful offender status by a judge Thursday. Mobile County Circuit Judge John Lockett denied the 19-year-old's request after a brief hearing. "Tragic, no question about it," Lockett said before handing down his order... Read article >>


Hollingsworth trial testimony: Officer Brandon Sigler acted properly before he was shot Mobile Press-Register | Jan. 28, 2011

Brandon Sigler responded properly as an off-duty Mobile police officer when he intervened in a fight in a parking lot, according to Mobile police testimony today. Officers don’t always have the time to identify themselves or flash a badge, depending on what’s happening in front of them, police testified...Read article >>


Four days of June will not soon be forgotten  The Huntsville Times

First jury duty makes for difficult, lingering decision. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to the guys in the sports department that I'd been summoned for jury duty the week of June 27. "Going to try to get out of it?'' one of them asked. No, I wasn't going to try to get out of it. I remember first being called about 20 years ago, but never got selected for a real jury. I welcomed another opportunity to wind up on an interesting case, to perform my civic duty, to see what it's like to be a juror... Read article >>


Is This the Meanest Kid in All of Alabama? Time Magazine | Aug. 16, 1999

In kindergarten, Lance Landers lunged at his teacher with a sharp pencil. In sixth grade, he drew pictures of himself clobbering kids with a baseball bat. By the time he reached middle school in the resort town of Gulf Shores, Ala., he would spit into trays of food in the cafeteria, hurl batteries at other students and disrupt classes by jabbering nonsensical words he claimed were Spanish. Most mornings he greeted the principal with "Hello, motherf__!" Lance taunted bus drivers by saying he paid no price for misbehaving. Read article >>